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What Is Basiexia?
Kissing is a social act or another between persons of all ages. Kissing is often times a form of foreplay or alternative to sex that people engage in. For example a person may only allow kissing outside rather than inside of the clothes because it may be in violation of that person’s space (Love, 2002). Many people who are not intimate in terms of intercourse are more comfortable kissing outside of clothing. However basiexia is a more explicit term that seeks to inflict more sexual desire. Basiexia is a term that relates to sexual physical contact. Through this physical arena women are getting aroused by the sentiment of kissing and or touching of the lips (Priestess, 2011). There is no exact evidence that shows when basiexia became known to the public. However, technology such as the internet has allowed people to connect with other individuals who share this kissing fetish. Many have argued that the sexual act has been around since our existence. Since the beginning of dating and conforming into sexual practices both sexes whether it is males or females, have found themselves subject to being addicted to kissing as a form of sexual pleasure.
Basiexia has many terms that refer to the same connotation. For instance, basorthosis means that men become sexually intrigued and excited which causes them to develop an erection upon kissing another person (sex-lexis, 2004). This would mean that when a male is engaging in sexual activity or not he becomes suddenly erected by kissing an individual of the same or opposite sex. Basoexia is also in the same family as these terms and simply means being aroused by kissing (Symons, 2007). The other two examples explain that a person will become aroused during the actual process of being kissed. Eric W. Hickey, the author of Sex Crimes and Paraphilia, explains how men at times use basiexia as a means to take advantage or coerce women into submitting into their will because of the sexual desire and willingness to complete their task in getting kissed (Hickey, 2006). Throughout this process a woman can often times find herself the subject of violence because of the fetish of kissing. People often times can suffer from basiexia if they are not given enough emotional support from a significant other. As mentioned previously women and men both go through fazes. Women go through basoexia through basiexia and men through basorthosis. Both men and women could become extremely addicte to the act of kissing. Basoexia is more likely than not a fetish because another person may feel less reluctant to pursue such measures rather than others willingness to do so (Priestess, 2011). It is considered a fetish because the taboo nature of kissing and the arousal that occurs within the constraints of a sexual environment that requires it for pleasure.
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Basiexia is mainly seen in a sexual atmosphere by people who have the desire to begin kissing as a means to begin the sexual process. This is commonly done in a “behind the doors sector” because many people do not feel the need to exchange sexual pleasure and or behavior in a public setting. The public environment and sex become intertwined in voyeurism not specifically basiexia. Many people do engage in basiexia without a voyeurism fetish just because of temptation and the desire to act out their kissing fetish. Many do engage in public environment sex because the environment may act as a lubricant for awkward and tense social situations and the presence of alcohol can loosen individuals and be used to make people feel that this is a beginning step and a good way to alleviate sexual temptation. As a result, teenage aged individuals may use basiexia to remain abstinent. By doing so, teenagers replace the tension and pressures of engaging in sexual intercourse and opt for a safer and less involved means of sexual satisfaction.
Basiexia can often times have a negative effect on an individual. For instance, extreme kissing around the neck might be the cause of discoloration as well as pain. One could become turned off to basiexia if there is a significant amount of damage done around the neck area. This is commonly known as a hickey, which is a mark that can be left on your neck after a long period of time of someone sucking and applying pressure to another person’s neck. Hickies are like any other bruise, a hemorrhage just below the skin caused by broken capillaries (Saint Paul Media, 2010). Just like other bruises, hickies are hard to remove and may take time unless something is done to remove or cover the hickies aesthetically in an effective manner. Men could also find themselves to be overly aggressive if they feel continuously subjected to conform to sexually violent behavior such as violent kissing or sexually showing dominance over another (Hickey, 2006). By using an aggressive tool like violently kissing of the neck they become more dominant over the other person and can excite themselves with the stimulus of kissing and being in control of that kissing (Hickey, 2006). The idea of kissing the neck and lips for pleasure is also called basorexia, which could involve the bruising of the neck through kissing.
Other consequences for basiexia could be mononucleosis. Mononucleosis is spread by saliva and close contact between two individuals. It occurs most often during ages where teens feel the need to engage in basiexia because of their young age and lack of sexual intercourse. Coined as the shortened version of the long medical term, Mono is said to mainly occur between the ages of fifteen to seventeen and is known as the kissing disease (Pubmed Health, 2010). The kissing disease or mono, is a common occurrence and many try to stress the importance of those who have mono to stay at home and avoid kissing or sharing close contact with others because of the high risk of infection. Mono causes the person experiencing the symptoms to lose weight, feel sick for an extended period of time, and even miss excessive days of school or work (Pubmed, 2010). It is important that those engaging in kissing and the fetish of kissing are knowledgeable about the risks involved as well as understand the full nature of the intimate relation called basiexia.
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