Terrance Jackson
Triple A Engine

Triple A Engine History
The term “Triple A engine” as it relates to sexual communication is a concept that comes from online sexual activity. More importantly it is called the “Triple A” because of the factors that makes it so appealing which are easy, affordability, accessibility and anonymity. These are the factors that in our society today, determines the success of websites that wish to be successful in keeping its users who engage in sexual activity online amongst one another. The “Triple A engine” is a very big concept that comes from the “cybersex” topic. Now, cybersex is the use of the Internet for sexual purposes and the Triple A engine is the reason why cybersex is so popular and that is how the two are related. Cybersex is the bigger concept that is partially composed of the “Triple A engine”. Additionally, the reason why cybersex has become so productive is because of the productive functioning that the “Triple A engine” provides. Its primary function is that the easy, cheap and anonymous access to pornography and explicit sexual chat instantly removes many of the major inhibitors of sexual excess (Herring 2008). These factors [accessibility, affordability, anonymity] are what draw online users to keep coming back after their first visit to a web site that engages in online sexual activities.
Examples of the principles at work are very obvious, typically commercials utilize them as marketing tools. For example, one reason why some prefer cybersex is because of its safety. “Don’t give out personal information to strangers, of course, and you’ll find the only thing you have worry about is what turns you on-not STD’s, not unwanted pregnancy, not even how to find a babysitter.” (Ruberg 2008) This statement shows that people who engage in online sexual activity favor how they can have their fun without much risk right at home without the troubles of dating and trying to seduce people in face to face interaction. This is an example of anonymity because users can interact without sacrificing their true identity and if a user doesn’t like how their relationship that they are building online with another, then they can just back out without any really drawbacks opposed to if you were dating and exchanged numbers and knew each other’s addresses, etc. The accessibility plays a big role because it gives the user versatility. For example, you may not be able to invest constant dates and daily interaction with another being in face to face relationships however, to talk to someone online, all you have to do is have access to a computer and an internet connection, which more often than not, is much more simplistic than trying to talk to someone in person. Additionally, affordability plays a big role because a good majority of the individuals who invest in cybersex and communicate online, want to do it at low, or free of charge. Typically, you can sign up for a site and receive a trial period where you can “test run” it and get a feel for it to see how it works for you. If you like it then you can pay for a full access membership. Additionally, if it does charge up front, then it is very cheap and normally has a money back guarantee if you do not like the site.

Triple A Engine Purposes
The “Triple A Engine” allows for the communication in cybersex to be at its peak. Because it is relatively cheap, easy to access, and is at no risk of your identity, people are more willing to interact and tell experiences about themselves because there is little to no risk. The “Triple A engine” lets people disclose their personal business and open up to total strangers because they have the option to back out without losing much of anything. From the sexual communication aspect, this concept allows people to be as sexually promiscuous as they want without a lot of risk because they can hide behind an identity that may not describe them in real life. Additionally, the “Triple A” engine gives individuals the opportunity to explore their sexual being and others while allowing you to interact with others on an interpersonal level. People get to talk about how they are in relationships and again, at little or no risk.

Effects of CyberSex-Triple A Engine
Although cybersex has many benefits because of the “Triple A engine” which makes it so attractive, there are some effects that are not so positive. Research shows that individuals who enjoy the benefits of the “Triple A engine” too much, are at risk of being addicted. Additionally, if you fall in this category other aspects of your life can take a turn for the worse. For example, because the “Triple A engine” allows you to interact
with people online without much risk people build and sustain favorable relationships online
that can turn out to be more beneficial for them overall opposed to their intimate relationship
with someone who they physically see often. People who become at risk are people “who if it
were not for the availability of the Internet, may never have developed a problem with online
sexuality.” (Cooper 1999). Additionally, those who interact with others online too much can be
at risk of breaking off sexual intimacy with your primary partner, financial losses (paying for a
lot of porn) and/or relying on the Internet as a coping mechanism. All of these negative effects
demote interpersonal relationships with people in person. Additionally, it shows how cybersex
can be hazardous to your health and the relationships that you have with others. Additionally,
“Researchers also found that massive exposure to pornography encourages a desire for
increasingly deviant materials which involve violence, like sadomasochism and rape” (Editorial
Staff 1991) shows that one’s excessive use of cybersex can lead to problems such as being
desensitized towards obvious laws such as rape and bondage. This is an example of how some
people who prefer the “Triple A engine” a bit much become determined to take their sexual
communication to a whole new level that our society doesn’t agree with. Sexual
communication should be mutual and positive overall and rape is certainly not in that category.
All parties should be willing to invest in communicating sexually and rape is the exact opposite.
However, on the other end of the spectrum, research shows that a little cybersex can help your intimate and physical relationship. For example, some relationship partners get bored of their significant other because of spending too much time together and or their sex isn’t good enough, however a little pornography and/or online chatting can give one the breathing area that they desire from their significant other. More importantly, watching a little porn together, with your important other, can give a couple that spice that they have been looking for. Changing the routine that dating partners normally go through can definitely improve the sexual communication between them which is illustrated by an article published that says “It can make it harder for us to accept that, in many relationships, porn use may satisfy needs that have nothing to do with psychological pathology or sexual dysfunction. In fact, noted sex researcher Helen Fisher argues that the brain-inhibiting effects of antidepressants pose a much graver threat to couples' sexuality than porn.” (Kort 2010) This statement shows that porn can help a relationship and that it, more often than not, has positive effects.
All in all, the “Triple A engine” has had major effects on cybersex and how people conduct themselves in relationships. Many concepts have been introduced here to expose you to the truth about online dating, pornography and just how online sexual interaction can affect your life and the relationships that you maintain with those around you. If the benefits of the “Triple A engine” is something that you seek, make sure that you use it wisely and that it promotes your sexual communication with those that you are sexually active with.

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